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Our swimsuits adapt to fit you and your body’s natural state of flux.

We’re on a mission to turn the tide on standard, inflexible sizing by creating swimwear that represents us realistically, accepting our bodies as they are — unique, ever-changing, and unedited.

We've replaced a dozen rigid sizes with just two magically flexible ones, creating swimsuits that support your daily evolution.

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You seem busy — let us take care of the size thing

Take comfort in the ebb and flow

Our suits are made to fit just-right and stretch to the pace of life. Two magical sizes replace a dozen traditional ones and support cup sizes A—J.

Fitting sizes 2-24 US (6-28 UK), they’re dreamy tops, bottoms and suits for your daily evolution.

The reviews are in

This wins by leaps and bounds for well-made comfort and flexibility.

The Independent

Some kind of sorcery is at work here, but it's the real deal.


It's hard to believe it's not magic.

Marie Claire

Youswim's swimsuits are actually magic.


I've never met an un-wired swimsuit that's actually worked... until now.

Women's Health

Youswim has actually done the unthinkable.


The texture is everything — luxe, slimming and breathable. Need in every color.

Who What Wear
Swimsuits for life

Big busts, small busts, young and old, from puberty to pregnancy.

Your new swimsuit adapts to you and your body's natural state of flux.

Plastic negative

Our goal at Youswim is to create swimwear that looks after you by adapting to fit your changing body, but it’s important that this isn’t at the cost of the environment.

For every ounce of plastic used in our swimsuits, we collect twice as much in the form of nature-bound plastic waste.

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